The Most Effective Nutritional Habit

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Nutritional HabitI’m a meat guy. I love me some meat.

And I love to grill it just as much as love to eat it.

I’ll grill it outside on the BBQ all year round here where I live, about 45 minutes outside of Toronto, even when it’s well below freezing outside.

So lucky for me, I don’t have to worry too much about getting my fix of protein in a day.

But a lot of people don’t get enough protein to help them achieve their goals. And quite frankly the most important thing you can do for your nutrition is to make sure you get a good serving of lean protein at every single meal.

AW Nutritional Habit #1

Yep, the number one nutritional habit I can recommend is every time you plan to eat, be sure to get the equivalent of two fists worth (one for women) of lean protein.

We need protein to help repair and build muscle and other tissues.  Proteins and amino acids are the body’s building blocks.  Even more, protein helps your feel fuller, longer.

But protein does much more than this.

Protein helps control insulin responses because eating more protein usually means you will eat less carbohydrates that can spike insulin levels.

Protein also has a higher “Thermic Effect” than carbohydrates or fats.  What this means is the energy it takes to digest your food is higher with protein meaning more calories burned resulting in increased metabolism.

So if you want to get fast results with the least amount of fuss, make sure to get into the nutritional habit of eating lean protein with each meal.

And look, I know you can’t eat steak, or chicken, or eggs with every meal of the day, let alone cook it.

Plus, sometimes you just need a convenient way to get your protein needs at some meals, or maybe you just need a little variety.

Well, that’s where supplementation can help in the form of a protein shake.

I advocate eating whole foods as much as possible, but when whole foods aren’t an option, a protein shake is a great substitute, and one or two shakes a day can keep enough variety to help you stick with your nutrition plan.

Here’s what has to be my favorite shake recipe right now:

1/2 cup of water
2 scoops Chocolate Prograde Protein
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
1 tsp cocoa powder
2-3 drops of mint extract
5 ice cubes
half a handful of pecan halves
(and you can even throw in a handful of spinach – trust me, you can’t even taste it, but it does change the color)

You can use any kind of chocolate protein powder, but I highly recommend using Prograde.

It tastes amazing, and is sweetened with stevia (not sugar).

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Next time you want a sweet tasting snack without falling off the wagon, give this shake a try.

Stay committed,

Mike Dunk, BHK, CSCS
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