The Benefits of Athletic Workouts

The Benefits of Athletic Workouts 1

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There are many benefits of performic athletic workouts and training like an athlete. Below are just a few ways athletic workouts will make you stronger and leaner.

Functional Strength

Functional training helps develop the ability to perform every day, real life activities. Most guys in the gym perform very non-functional exercises like bicep curls and leg extensions.

Think about each of those movements and when you would ever move like that in real life. Rarely.

The body always moves in kinetic chains, meaning muscle groups and joints work together, rather than in isolation. Isolated movements like bicep curls and leg extensions have very little functional benefit.

Athletic workouts focus on compound movements like squats, deadlifts, pushes and pulls, that have a lot of functional benefit because that’s how the body moves in real life activities.

They also give you more results in less time because they work more than one muscle group at a time.

A chin up is mainly to work your back, but think about what your arms do during a chin up. Your elbows flex, just as they would during a bicep curl. In reality, this is like completing two exercises in one!

Compound exercises get you at least twice the results in the same amount of time.

The primary goal of any kind of athletic workout program is to build functional strength. All other fitness components build off of a strong, balanced, functional body.

Develop Power and Performance

It’s not good enough for an athlete to just be strong. They need to be powerful. It’s power that often determines winners and losers in sports.

Power is the ability to do more work in less time. Greater power usually translates into greater performance.

Imagine what this means to you on a chore-filled Saturday morning – being able to get more work done in less time. And really, that’s what power is. Using athletic workouts will develop not only your power, but the ability to work at a higher power for longer.

Another reason why power training is so beneficial: When you train for power, you are working at a high intensity. Working at a higher intensity requires more energy than when working at lower intensities. What this means is you use more calories over a given amount of time, helping you burn more fat than with traditional types of training.

Build Muscle and Burn Fat – At The Same Time!

What’s more, higher intensity training helps you burn fat AFTER your workout, too. This phenomenon is known as the “Afterburn” effect, or scientifically as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).

High intensity strength training will build strength and power, but when you manipulate other training variables properly, you can also burn fat at the same time!

No more silly bulk and cut phases that have been (and continue to be) so popular among bodybuilders.

Using athletic workouts, you can build the lean athletic body you want without even thinking about it (think about the bodies of elite athletes like sprinters or football players) … and getting so much more fitness benefit all at the same time.

In the end, athletic workouts will help you build muscle and increase fitness by developing functional strength. You’ll heighten performance and maximize energy through developing power and speed in your workouts. With all of this together you’ll blow-torch body fat and build a lean, athletic looking body that you can be confident about.

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